Webster Percussion Theatre: An Excellent Performance Opportunity

Rafael O., Staff Writer

On April 2, 2023, the Webster Percussion Theatre Ensemble traveled to Gates-Chili Performing Arts Center to compete in Championship Competition in the Scholastic A Class of the New York State Percussion Circuit. This program, a marching ensemble with members from all middle and high schools in WCSD, is designed to offer an opportunity for students to continue marching in an ensemble throughout the winter months.

Webster Percussion Theatre Ensemble students perform a show, or a way of telling a story incorporating visual components such as dance, marching, and props, while also utilizing difficult music and sound effects through percussion instruments alone. This year, the ensemble performed a show entitled “Waiting…”, about how people often wait for hard times to pass, but should instead learn to look up, and continue to persevere despite their circumstances.

2023 Webster Percussion Theatre Group Photo (Joe Altieri via Twitter (@W_H_S_M_B))

Indoor Percussion is a great way to learn dance and music skills, and can also help anyone interested in joining the Webster Marching Band in the spring to connect with staff and instructors, as well as to get a footing in the marching world. Winter percussion is also an opportunity to participate in a competitive, athletic group, as this past year Webster contested against twelve other ensembles for the title of State Champion. The scores for this competition were listed on NYS Percussion. No percussion experience is necessary; the activity is an opportunity for anyone to learn a new instrument, and there is also a visual line in the ensemble, or a section which focuses entirely on dance.

Typically, the ensemble meets every Monday and Wednesday from November to April, rehearsing in the Webster Schroeder gym or cafeteria. During competition season, which takes place from February through April, the group travels throughout upstate New York to around eight different schools. Towards the end of season, the ensemble performs for multiple community events in exhibition, such as the Webster Community Arts Day. Overall, it is an excellent opportunity for all interested students.

If you are interested in joining the Webster Marching Band, feel free to take a look at the ensemble’s Facebook page or fill out the interest form. Thank you, and hope to see you there!