Mom and Pop Hippie Shop: Aaron’s Alley

Aaron’s Alley is a local Rochester shop on Monroe Ave.

Kaiden D., Staff Writer & Photographer

Small businesses are the backbone of society. The economic and communal benefits cannot be put aside. These businesses provide jobs and keep money flowing within the city. In fact, many local businesses love to support the community they serve. One noteworthy example of how small businesses impact the local environment and community is Aaron’s Alley, located in Rochester itself.

Jen and Aaron established Aaron’s Alley in 1988 as a place for those who didn’t fit in with common society. Unfortunately, Aaron passed away in 2013. Jen fought for Aaron’s Alley to stay open. She felt that she owed it to Aaron to keep their second home up and running. Monroe Ave was filled with all kinds of people following many subcultures, Aaron’s Alley targeted hippies. Aaron’s Alley was and still is a connection hotspot. They have social employees who love to chat and joke with their customers.

Although they’ve had to modernize recently, for a while they stuck to their vintage roots. Up until the past year, they wrote their own receipts. They also just recently launched their shop’s website. It contains an interactive way to shop. It has a model of their store, along with links that relate to whatever is on the racks at that time. They have handwritten tags still, so they haven’t fully conformed to the new world of technology.

Aaron’s Alley has a variety of items, including clothing, jewelry, a second-hand shopping section, incense, candles and so much more. If you are into the classic hippie lifestyle then you may find that Aaron’s Alley can pique your interest. They also have an assortment of band merch from classics such as Nirvana and Grateful Dead.

If you need a spot to align with your inner self, cleanse your aura, and get in touch with some retail therapy, take a trip to this hidden gem. Not only do you get the incomparable experience, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting Jen. That makes it worth every penny.